Totoodo Apple iPhone Service Center in Annanagar has been the leader in iPhone repair and support since its release in 2007. We can fix just about any issue we offer warranty support for the iPhone and we can fix iPhone cracked screens in 10 minutes while you wait. You can also send in the iPhone to be repaired quickly. Our repair techs have many years of experience and can solve all iPhone issues. Water damage can be resolved. We are able to help with restores and backups for a minimal fee. We can help repair and fix iPhone screens and repair glass for all versions of iPhone.

Wide selections of Apple iPhone repair parts are available from Totoodo iPhone Repair Center in Annanagar. We stock and maintain the largest inventory of iPhone parts in Bangalore. iPhone repair parts are available for all generations including the 1st Generation iPhone with the silver backing released in June 2007, the iPhone 3G model released in July 2008, the iPhone 3GS model released in June 2009, the iPhone 4 released in June 2010 the iPhone 4S released in late 2011, the iPhone 5 released in 2012, the iPhone 5S & 5C released in 2013, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released in 2014, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus released in 2016.

Totoodo Apple iPhone Repair is here to help repair broken iPhones. As we all know, the iPod has had many different issues, we anticipate the iPhone to have some of those same issues. We are here to help with iPhone parts, iPhone repair, iPhone accessories and mods. If your iPhone touch screen is broken, all hope is not lost. Fortunately, Apple makes it extremely easy to get a broken iPhone screen replacement if you do it the right way. As someone who used to work for Apple but doesn’t anymore, this is the best advice on the Internet for how to get your screen repaired Totoodo iPhone Service Center in Annanagar offers broken iPhones, iPhone Screen, iPhone parts, iPhone accessories and more! We also offer iPhone and iPad repair for schools.