Common problems found in Nokia Lumia

Here I have explained the most common problem found in all Nokia Lumia and its solution. Although there may be probably other problems also found in Nokia smartphones, but these problems are mostly faced by Nokia owners.

  1. Issue: Rapid battery drain and overheating of Lumia

When you use your phone for prolonged time, there are always chances of persistent overheating and battery drain problems with Lumia.


  • Go to Settings -> Battery Saver and choose when it should be activated. It will reduce updates, pause some live tiles and prevents apps from running in the background.


  1. Issue: Random Reboots or freezes

Your smartphone may freeze and become unresponsive.


  • Reset your phone by pressing the volume down and power buttons until the phone vibrates.
  • Then go to Settings -> Phone Update -> Check for update to check whether your Windows Phone is up to date.
  • Second step is go to Settings -> About -> Reset your phone.


  1. Issue: Poor Voice Quality

Owners of Nokia Lumia had found issues with call quality such as lisp, rustling noise etc. Sometimes there is a possibility of facing problem with service provider but if not follow the below step.


  • If you are using a wrong SIM or damaged SIM or SIM that isn’t inserted properly could lead to this problem. Change other SIM card and check.
  • May be because of hardware fault it may happen. In that case you need to replace your handset.


  1. Issue: Wi-Fi keeps dropping

Wi-Fi issue is very common. Wi-Fi connection slowing to a crawl or cutting off altogether when the screen times out.


  • Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced and select keep Wi-Fi on when screen times out.
  • If it doesn’t work turn off your router and reset your Nokia Lumia.

These are some most common issues found in Nokia Lumia. We have listed solutions to overcome these problems. But if then also you are facing some problem then you should visit your nearest TOTOODO Nokia service center in Bangalore to fix the problem in your Nokia smartphone.

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