Fix IPhone 6S Battery Replacement Problems at Totoodo

If you are searching for iPhone repair center in Velacherry, Chennai. Totoodo is one of the best and brand of smart phones and offering its repair service throughout India. Totoodo iPhone service center in Chennai, Tamilnadu is one of the essential and best service centers of Apple iPhone products. Our service center is fully qualified and high skilled professionals in all types of iPhone technical problems.

To find out if your iPhone 6S can get the free battery replacement you’ll need to check the serial number of your iPhone 6S. To do this go to Settings > General > About. Note down the serial number and enter it in Apple’s support site. You can also take it to an Apple Store or Apple Service Provider and they will check it for you.  You can find out where your nearest Apple Store is with the Find a store website.

Before getting your iPhone 6S battery replacement:

If your iPhone 6S needs a free battery replacement then before your device over you should back up your data to your PC or to iCloud. You should also turn off find my iPhone and erase data and settings. You can then restore the data later. To turn off Find my iPhone open up Settings on your iPhone 6S and go to iCloud. Next tap on ‘turn off Find My iPhone’. You should also check your iPhone 6S for damage to the body or screen. If it does have damage, Totoodo may not charge you for any additional repairs. This may cost less money than other shops that can fix your screen, so you may want to shop around and get those fixed before you take the iPhone 6S to Apple service center in Chennai.

If your iPhone 6S isn’t covered by Totoodo replacement service and yet you’re still getting battery issues, then the issue may be related to iOS 10, which has had numerous battery issues. People have complained that the iOS 10.1.1 version is turning off phones when they reach 30% capacity, with other users complaining that the battery drops by 50% in less than an hour. If this is the case you can try rolling back iOS to an earlier version until Apple releases a fix. Check out our guide on how to uninstall iOS 10 and downgrade to iOS 9 for more information. Also check out our iOS 10 problems: Here’s how to fix the most common issues guide for other iOS 10 issues that may be giving your iPhone battery problems. If you bought your iPhone 6S in the last year then it may be still under warranty, so if iPhone service center in Velacherry tests the battery and it is found to be faulty, then Apple may replace the battery for you for free as well.