How to Enhance the Performance of Android Phones

Is your phone running slow? Look, what we have for you!

Android is dominating the market of smartphones due to its easy to use interface. However, when we install multiple applications to our smartphones, then the phone becomes slow. But we need those applications also but now we can free up space by using many methods.

Instead of replacing your phone due to slowness you can try below steps to enhance your phones performance.

Remove unwanted and unproductive applications

The user must keep only those applications which he uses on a daily basis or very often. However, if he does not need some applications then just remove those applications and experience a better performance. It will leave you with loads of space in your device which you can use it for other important files.

Deactivate background processes and check syncing applications

There will be many apps running in the background even if you are not using the phone. At this point you can manually stop those applications or there are many apps available which will shut the unwanted apps from running in the background when not in use.

Flush off the Cache

While using applications you tend to increase cache memory which will eat up your storage space. So you will have to delete them frequently to save the space on your device.

Keep lesser widgets

Widgets are an important tool in Android devices. Some users use a widget to keep a check on weather; on the other hand, some users make use of widgets to schedule their task, remember important dates and to have quick access for turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS.

Keeping so many widgets active can slow your phone so avoid keeping them active on your phone.

If the above-mentioned steps are followed carefully, then it will make your Android phone to run more smoothly and increase the speed as well. Do you have any other problem with the performance of your Android phone, then you can visit your nearest Nexus service center in Bangalore. We at TOTOODO have solution for all types of your Nexus devices.

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