How to fix your LG smartphone dropped in water?

So if you have dropped your smartphone in toilet, sink or pool. Don’t panic. If you act quickly, you can prevent your smartphone from further water damage without spending a single penny. Here are the 10 simple steps to fix a LG mobile dropped in water.

Remove phone from the water as soon as possible. The longer it stays in water, the more liquid will seep through the cracks and openings of your phone. Once it’s out of water, there are certain things you should to right away and certain things you should avoid doing in order to prevent water damage. Before that few things what not to do:

  1. Do not turn it on.
  2. Do not press any button or keys.
  3. Do not shake, tap or bang the phone.
  4. Do not blow on it. This may send water into other internal parts of the phone, which were not affected causing more damage to your phone.
  5. Do not heat it up.
  6. Do not cool it down.

10 Steps to save your phone from water damage:

  1. Turn it off it, it isn’t already.
  2. Remove any protective causing.
  3. Open up the back and remove the battery, SIM cards and microSD cards from their slots.
  4. Use a cloth, sleeve or paper towel to dab your phone dry. Avoid spreading the liquid around.
  5. If your mobile is more prone to damage, use a vacuum to carefully suck out the water from the cracks that are harder to get at.
  6. Keep the phone in a zip lock bag full of uncooked rice. As rice is great for absorbing liquid and its common for drying all smartphones and tablets. Or even you can use phone drying pouches, which are especially meant for this purpose.
  7. Let your phone dry for a day or two. Don’t be in a hurry to switch it on to check if it works or not.
  8. After a couple of days remove your phone from rice bag. Insert the battery into phone and switch it on.
  9. If your phone doesn’t turn on, try charging it. If it doesn’t charge, the battery could have been damaged.
  10. If your phone has turned on and it’s running, you should observe the working of phone very closely. Play some music to check the speakers and ensure the touch screen still responds as it should.

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