How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Hanging

Your smartphone is an extended part of you. It can give you hours of entertainment   you can play games, listen to music, and watch movies, shows, and videos on it. With the right apps, it can be an employee’s and company owner’s handy device which he or she can use to do some work and to get in touch with other workers, customers, clients, suppliers, and other business partners.

One of the usual problems users of smartphones will encounter is hanging. Lagging happens when the cache memory is filled with old app data which is in no longer use hence the processing of your smartphone becomes very slow and the apps and pages take a lot of time to open up.

Following are few tips to reduce Hanging:

  • Close Background apps. There are few apps which will be running in the background whether you use it or not, they will use your RAM space. Because of which your phone will become slow and there will be lot of hanging issue.
  • Be aware of your smartphone’s limits. Make sure that the aps you install is suitable for that particular phone. Not all phones support 3d games. So we must install all supportive aps only.
  • Look after your phone’s internal memory. A smartphone’s internal memory not only holds your songs, photos, documents but it also holds your phone’s operating system. The processor is directly in control of the OS and it controls all the functioning of your phone. Delete unwanted images and videos and save memory so that the phone runs smoothly.
  • Remove unused or obsolete apps. Having numerous apps and games take up space on your phone. If your phone is the type that updates apps automatically, more space will be used up. As such, make sure you only keep the essential apps on your phone and delete the ones that you don’t use or need.

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