How to resolve common problems of One Plus Mobiles

This article will explain common problems and fixing techniques of one plus mobile we have experts to fix One Plus issues to meet our experts visit One Plus Mobile Service center in Chennai.

Battery life:

The battery life will increase by reduced drain for this put screen backlight timing limit. It is better to drop the screen sleep time to around 30seconds by going to Settings – Display and Lights – Sleep.

For the one plus mobiles Cyanogen Mod OS helps to build different profile presets that can be applied from your power menu. Create one automatically disables for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data sync and other apps when the battery is low.

Random reboots:

The most common problem in mobiles is shutting down and rebooting automatically without any reason. For this problems try to remove the current using theme, Check the applications one by one, is there any corruption? uninstall that application and reinstall new one. If the problem will not rectify with these techniques then visit One Plus Service Center in Chennai.

Charger Overheating:

To overcome this problem charge your phone before it gets 40% of charging. The problem sometimes may caused by improper connection (loose connection) of  usb so check connection once and fix it properly.  Prefer the same device charging cables for connection.

Touch screen problems:

Touch screen will not work sometimes to solve this issue turn off your device and on again for soft reboot, by keeping charging also it will reduced in so many mobiles. Consult our One Plus Repair Center in Chennai for more information.