Reasons you need to know why Xiaomi is a serious smartphone player

The matter of fact is Xiaomi have just emerged in market but still it’s very popular. Why?

Here are few of the reasons behind that.

  1. High quality products

Xiaomi has a wide range of products including smartphones selling fast in market. Apart from company’s high- end flagship devices such as the Mi 3 or the Mi 4, it’s reasonably priced with all the advanced features which is quite impressive. Products such as routers and UHD TV are among top selling products in market.

  1. Affordable prices

The second thing is affordability. When compared to other smartphones, you have to pay less for Xiaomi smartphones of its calibre. The company’s flagship products are also priced as midrange phones, but have features that compete directly with the high-end devices.

  1. Mi admirers

Like Apple and Samsung admirers, there are equal Xiaomi admirers. Xiaomi has a dedicated consumer base who love Xiaomi products. They will attend all the Xiaomi’s product launch and they will be more interested to know more about the product. Xiaomi regularly reaches out to its admirers all over the country to explain about its most important product, MIUUI.

  1. MIUI

MIUI (“my UI”) is the core of all Xiaomi’s product. It’s a ROM skin based Android that powers the company’s smartphones and tablets. MIUI is unique as it has plenty of other features which is hard to find on Android or iOS. Its navigation gestures and plenty of themes to jazz up your phone.

You will have unique experience of Xiaomi as compared with other smartphones. You can even use MIUI on your older HTC One, just go to MIUI site and download the appropriate ROM.

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