Six Reasons why you should have a Blackberry Smartphone

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone? Then it’s time to try something different like Blackberry. Here are some reasons why you should have Blackberry phone.

  1. Multitasking: Any app can be instantly minimized with the swipe up gesture and is then accessible as a small file on a separate screen.
  2. Blackberry Hub: Blackberry has a dedicated hub that unites all your text messages, IM’s, emails, social network feeds, call records, and many more in one centralized place. It makes easy to get all your notification in order, read, and respond how you want.
  3. Search: You don’t have to open up a dedicated search apps, just start typing your desired term from the home screen and search window opens up automatically.
  4. Notification: All new incoming messages are shown quickly. This works with all apps including games.
  5. Security: With android phones, if you forgot your password all you need to do is to get the phone flashed to bypass the security lock screen. Blackberry OS is more secured than the android OS. Since android is an open source, it can be easily customized, making phone prone to virus and easy to hack.
  6. Design: Blackberry mobiles have a stunning design along with its other specifications.

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