Six Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

Age is an inevitable thing. Nobody can fight it. But same thing cannot be applied for technology. A machine do not gets older but when something new or better comes out then. Apple iPhone is released every year. Till date as apple releases new phone people go crazy to buy it.

So, what happens to the old smartphones when you buy a new one? Below are the tips to do with the old smart phones.

  1. Remote Control

Use your old phone as a remote control as there is an app available which converts your phone into a remote. Now you need not find your remote here n there it will be with you always.

        2. Alarm Clock, Calculator, Flash Light, To-do-list, Sound Recorder

The above features are very helpful for daily life in your phone. Earlier we had to buy different equipment’s separately but now you get all in one.

       3. Media

You can use it for watching videos and listen to music when you get bored. You can also install many games and spend your time.

  1. GPS

While travelling long distances you may get lost in the middle of the way. So use gps at that time and reach home safely.

  1. Browser

Install browsers and start to browse different books online or even shopping apps and enjoy shopping where ever you go. But only thing would require is the internet connection. 

  1. Emergency Phone

It can be used as an emergency phone when your other phone stops working at that time you can use this old phone to make a call at the time of emergency.

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