5 Incredible HTC Mobile Transformations

The smartphone industry witnessed a tremendous growth in past few years. Over the past, HTC have introduced many models in the market, each with unique and amazing transformations. Here are some of the most incredible transformations in the mobile which are listed below:

  1. Android Operating System

Earlier the smartphones were mostly based on Microsoft’s Window Mobile Operating System, but now HTC is focusing more on latest version of Android OS. HTC was the first phone in the market which used Android as a device platform. It was a massive success for HTC. With the introduction of Android OS in phone, it became easy for timely software updates also.

  1. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is very simple to use. The modern GPS tracker allows to track any person without their knowledge. It stores all the details like the exact address and the time. And GPS guides using voice recognization which is very helpful for drivers.

  1. Camera

With all the various new models, the camera resolution have also increased. In old models, the clarity of the images was not there. Photo freaks will adore the specialty mode introduced in phone with auto focus sensor. Camera interface offers manual control like modify exposure, contrast, saturation and vast mix of effects which gives perfect capture to the photos and adds glory to it. Introduced new selfie tools and compatible with mostly all the video calling services which makes you have more control.

  1. Multimedia

There is a lot of transformation with the Gallery App. It lays out content in the typical grid in portrait, while turning it to landscape, switches it to a camera roll. There are many other finite set of editing tools available such as cropping, rotating and additional after effects that can be applied to it. Screen sharing allows you to share your phone screen in real time to others on the call. From files to photos and even videos you can send anything on your screen instantly.

  1. Internet and Connectivity

Modern smartphones support to run on GSM networks abroad to keep everyone stay connected in almost every part of the world. Other feature includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with EDR and mobile hotspot functionality that allows it to share its data connection with up to 6 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. Earlier, the device was only 2G and 3G enabled but now with the latest technology, it is a 4G enabled device.

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