Five Charge Your Phone Faster Tips by Motorola service center

After charging your phone for 2 hours it shows that its half charge. Don’t worry! It’s normal. The limited battery life of the phone and sometimes it takes time to charge up the phone it is common cause of irritability for many. Though, there is no magic to charge your phone quickly, but if you follow these few tips it will surely help you to some extent:

  • Use genuine chargers only: You might have heard about it a lot of time, but didn’t bother much. We know, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. But if you want your phone to charge faster and increase your battery life, use original chargers only.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared capabilities of your phone: Usually, people forget to turn off their Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS after using it. This will drain your battery faster as all these applications will be running in the background and using your battery.
  • Keep your battery at room temperature: extra heat will reduce the charging ability of your battery. Always keep your Smartphone at room temperature and remove all extra covers and cases that might be trapping heat.
  • Prefer wall charging instead of USB: charging through USB port will not supply constant current and will hamper your phone battery. Thus, you might have observed charging your phone through USB will be slower than charging it with a proper AC power outlet. So always prefer the wall charger instead of using USB charging through laptop or computer.
  • Proper management: Use power saving mode or reduce your screen brightness which will increase the charging speed. It not only helps to increase your charging speed but also increase your battery life.

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