Five Ways of freeing Up Your iPhone’s Storage Space

Whether you have iOS 9.1 or any other iPhone version you will have to clear up the space. The best thing is that there are many ways to do that. Few ways are given below:

Get rid of useless apps and media collections

You might install many apps but later you don’t delete them and it will eat up your storage space so we suggest you to delete all the unwanted application which will increase space and also speed of your phone.

Optimize the storage of your phone

The other way is by optimizing the phone storage. You the option of storing your videos and photos in lower resolutions in many IOS version. Lower version is stored in phone and higher version is in cloud storage. To optimize your phone you will have to go to settings and tap on photos and camera and then press on optimize phone storage and you will not have to worry about the pace.

Take advantage of wireless storage

Unlike other phones, iPhones don’t give you the option of adding a microSD card so that you can expand on storage. In such case you can use external devices flash drives, external hard disk save your files and free up your phone memory.

Get rid of messages

While chatting with your friends and family your phone memory will be filled with messages which you won’t delete but even these messages will eat up the storage space hence its required to delete unwanted messages and keep only important messages.

Third party tools

There are many application available which can delete all the unwanted items from your storage and save your time. You can try them as well.

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