Technical help from Totoodos Samsung service center in Chennai

Totoodo is a Samsung service center in Chennai who has been in the electronic service industry for more than 6 years. Here I am going to tell you what we do and how quality service we can provide compare to other service centers.

With the launch of new mid-range smartphones i.e. M and A series and flagship smartphones i.e. S series Samsung are now giving tough competition to Chinese mobile market. It is not that everyone will buy them as before launching these phones, many of us had phone such as J series and A series which was super flop and couldn’t satisfy the customer’s needs.

Problems faced by Samsung customers


After the launch of Samsung S7 and other phones customer faced problem such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, followed by problems using a headset and mobile data has been faced by customers. This types of problems was faced after the launch of S7 and compare to authorized service center totoodo’s Samsung service center in Chennai

Resolved this issues for much cheaper price.

Other problem that has been claimed by customer are battery performance. Even with 3000mah battery many uses phone battery drained faster on minimum usage. Those who faced this issue can bring their mobile phone to our expert at Totoodo’s Samsung service center in Chennai.

Many of us also came across that Samsung WiFi won’t connect but we has resolved it

Similar to WiFi problems, sometimes it happens that we try to connect our Bluetooth headsets to our phone, but we couldn’t and many are now using wireless headset, we get frustrated because of this but then again with our expert help at Totoodo you can get rid of all these problems.

Overheating problems is the most frustrated and common problem that has been faced by users, but not to worry because we will help you with this.

Problem like unexpectedly shut down and reboot, Low Speaker Volume, Network issues on calls, fixing the app which is frequently crashing. Not only these but also we fix problems related to hardware like motherboard issues, camera, buttons issues, network etc. are solved at Totoodo’s Samsung service center in Chennai

Not only the but we also fix problems such as usb problem (including port C) screen cracked or touch not working etc everything can be fixed here.

So if you’re facing problems with your Samsung then we at Totoodo can help you solve it. We also provide door pickup and delivery of the smartphone you just need to call to our toll free number and we will pick your phone up.

Before we repair we will rectify the issue using a software and then our technical team will fix it. We also provide 30 days warranty. Bring your Samsung phone to Totoodo’s Samsung service center in Chennai and resolve all your phone issues.